Dean Myerow Active in Municipal Bond Market

Dean Myerow

Dean Myerow – Over 24 Years Experience

Dean Myerow is a veteran of the municipal bond market. Dean has been actively involved in bond portfolio management for over 24 years. He started his career in the fixed income marketplace after finishing his law degree at the University of Miami School of Law and deciding that bond research and strategy was his calling. Initially, he began as a distressed bond analyst utilizing his legal background to dissect individual credit stories to uncover value.  With this background, Dean has become an important liquidity provider for many of today’s municipal bonds.

In 1998, Dean started Bergen Capital Inc. and grew the firm to over 80 bond professionals in 5 offices and built a robust trading and investment banking platform. The firm was acquired by BBT Bank in 2005 and Dean stayed on until 2015 to head the retail trading desk at the nation’s 9th largest banking institution.

Today with his team, at Las Olas Wealth Management of Nat Alliance Securities LLC, Dean manages municipal bond portfolios for institutional and high net worth clients. The group is dedicated to preserving wealth for its clients through proprietary computer assisted strategies to maximize return.